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  • Aluminium Conductors (AAC) are manufactured as per IS: 398 (Part1)for power distribution.
  • All Aluminium Alloy Conductors (AAAC) as per IS :398 (Part IV) for power distribution
  • Aluminium conductors with Steel Reinforcement (ACSR) as per IS: 398 (Part II) for power distribution and transmission up to 61 strands.
  • Power cables (copper and aluminium) conductors up to 1100 volts and control cables /signaling cables (copper conductors up to 37 conductors) as per IS: 1554 with PVC insulation. These cables are used for railways, transmission lines.
  • Weather proof cables (aluminium conductor, PVC insulated single / multi core) for power service connection as per IS: 694 specifications
  • House wiring and flexible cables (copper conductor up to 128 strands) as per IS: 694 specifications(,1.5sqmm,2.5sqmm,4sqmm,6sqmm and PVC insulated(FRLS) single core copper wires up to 1100v.
  1. Aerial Bunched Cables up to the range of 11kv as per IS 14255 and IS 7098Part -II
  • XLPE LT/HT/UG Cables as per IS 7098 PART I and II.up to 11kv .

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